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    My career has taken me from the Army as an Infantry Officer, teaching math to high school students, hosting the first-ever Secondary School Hackathon in Singapore, working on higher education policies that impacted our local universities, running a Junior College with >1,000 students, to running medium-sized product and tech development teams. I thrive when working with creative and smart people in highly challenging and innovative environments and am skilled at building high-performance teams and nurturing new ideas into viable business models.


    My background is a varied mix of advanced mathematics, research, education, technology, management, and policy work. As a Singapore Government Scholar, Cambridge University and Brown University graduate, I bring direct experience with policy-making and strategic planning in the education sector, having worked on several projects including the establishment of new higher educational institutions. In my work, I regularly made contact with C-level executives, and have experience coordinating various governmental and private agencies.

  • Selected Adventures

    "Don't worry about the money, it will come. Experience is far more valuable than money will ever be."

    Tech Partner, Redwood Search


    Redwood Search helps high-growth companies find the talent that they need! Our client and candidate pools are highly curated for quality, allowing us to deliver a high level of precision on all searches that we run for clients.

    At Redwood, I focus on getting top-notch tech talent, including Data Scientists, Software Architects and Engineers, QA Engineers, Product Managers etc at all levels of seniority - helping startups in the region build a team that is set for success. My role requires me to actively reach out to passive candidates as well as pipelining for future roles.

    Regional Business Development, Oddle


    Worked with country managers in Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Taipei, Ho Chi Minh and Hong Kong to drive adoption as well as business.


    Oddle powers over 2,500 restaurants in Southeast Asia, helping them get online, boost their business and generally run better. We provide end-to-end tech solutions for restaurants, including doing the hard work of working with local logistics players to help them with food delivery. Check them out at oddle.me

    Various Positions, Ministry of Education, SG


    Vice-Principal at >1000 students Junior College. Prior to that, was a Head of Department at a 4-year secondary school as well as a mathematics teacher.

    Math at Cambridge, Applied Math at Brown


    Geeked out on math in the Mathematical Tripos at Cambridge. Finished off with a Masters in Applied Mathematics at Brown.

  • Coaching

    You're ambitious. You know you have alot of untapped potential. You plan to be in management soon; and in the C-suite eventually. You want bigger, better and more challenging assignments at work. You hope to be a leader that people admire and are eager to follow.


    But do you know the exact steps to take to get there? Do you realise the game being played around you? DO you know how to get noticed by your bosses, get labelled as "high-potential";

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